Devil Dog is an airsoft equipment company focused on the safety of all participants in the sport. The term “Devil Dog” was a nickname given to U.S. Marine troops by German soldiers during World War 1 because of how ferociously they fought. They were also known as “shock troops” because of how sudden their attacks were. These two terms were coupled together in order to create a brand as strong as the products. All products sold by Devil Dog are intended to increase player safety while competing and our goal as a company is to make sure players are well informed. We as a nation have learned a lot of information during our time fighting, so it should be put to use. 



Devil Dog needed to create a nostalgia for old America with the visuals and be informative with the writing. The sport of airsoft is potentially dangerous, so durable products and training beforehand are imperative. 


These challenges were solved by theming the company after World War 1 and giving tactical information on how raids in the military work. The serif font was chosen because it mimiced the keys of a typewriter that would have been used in this period, and the sans-serif font was chosen because it is a typeface that was becoming popular in this same time. The colors are the camo green and desert tan used in the U.S. military along with a charcoal grey that gives high contrast.



This packaging includes a steel BB trap, safety glasses, gloves, a holster, and 100 targets. They are all contained in one case, and each individual box slides out from the front. The top and back of the case was utilized as space to give players tactical information to go along with their safety kit.