With Deep See, you explore depths of Hawaii’s ocean waters 100 feet below the surface and “swim” amidst schools of beautiful fish in the world’s most technologically advanced passenger submarine. Deep See has been sharing the magnificence of Hawaii’s undersea world since 1988 using the environmentally safe submarines and sailboats that are battery powered, emit no pollutants, and quietly move through/across the water, disturbing no one. It’s the ultimate in sustainable tourism. Areas once barren of life are now vibrant because of our artificial reefs and are open to our SCUBA tours. Deep See closely observes the abundance of activity at this treasured site but always leaves it untouched.



Deep See needs to be family friendly while also having a certain level of class, so the identity has to be fun yet stylish.


Matching logo and icons were created to differentiate the separate tours offered while also unifying them under one brand. Cubano, a rounded typeface, was used to be inviting to parents and kids alike. The main two colors, blue and brass, are used to represent water and metal diving equipment respectively.