Constitution Brewing is a high quality brewing company based out of Washington DC. Our first priority is giving our customers strong, great tasting beer at a moderate price. Whenever possible, all ingredients are bought locally in order to further strengthen the DC economy while also lowering our carbon footprint. We care about this country and the people who protect it, so ten percent of all proceeds go to Veterans Affairs. We understand the struggles that these men and women go through every day, even when home, so whenever possible we employ these great Americans. Drink one of our Amendments. It’s The Bravest Choice.



Being a Washington D.C. based company, Constitution needs to be seen as the epitome of American pride and culture. All design must be clean and sophisticated to reference the beer.


The Constitutional Amendments were used as informational elements as well as a unifying concept for the different flavors of beer. The first color set, red, white, and blue, was used to represent the American flag and to also inspire a feeling of patriotism. The second, gold, gunmetal, and copper, was used to represent industry, a cornerstone of American life.

SS Const icons.jpg